App Law specializes in the intersection between law and entertainment, particularly focusing on music, apps, and mobile games. The firm is well-versed in an array of related content, making it adept in handling a variety of legal subject areas such as Film and TV, Art Law, Music, Apps and Games.

In the realm of Film and TV, App Law offers a broad range of services including information on Chain of Title, Filming Locations, Production agreements, TV writers, and more. The firm provides legal guidance and assistance in areas covering Intellectual Property (IP), Trademark Registration, Trademark Infringement, and Copyright Registration, which are vital components in protecting one's creative works in the entertainment industry.

Exploring the domain of Art Law, the firm prominently caters to musicians with coverage of 360 Deals, Band Agreements, information on the differences between Entertainment Managers and Agents, along with details on Management Contracts and Music Publishers. Given the complexities of the music industry, App Law appears to be a competent guide for navigating these intricate details.

The firm's engagement with Apps and Games extends to App Law, App Development, App Privacy, protection of apps, Video Game Law, and Game Publishing Contracts. This indicates a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic and evolving nature of the law concerning digital and mobile entertainment platforms.

The attorneys at App Law, namely Jovan Johnson and Kamal Moo, bring expert advice and nuanced legal perspectives. They offer their expertise in areas often overlooked by traditional law firms.

Moreover, App Law is also recognized for its focus on the concern of app law. This branch is identified as an evolving blend of various law spheres, making it both relevant and critical in today's digital-centric era. The firm provides legal guidance to businesses regarding locating a developer, executing a market plan, safeguarding intellectual property, among others. In addition, they cover areas of common concern, such as app development, privacy, and intellectual property issues, specifically copyright and trademark.

Overall, App Law provides a comprehensive offering of services, covering various niche areas that are highly relevant in today's technological and entertainment industry landscape. Its emphasis on multiple areas within the entertainment industry, particularly music, apps, and mobile games, further cements its capability as a robust legal resource.

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