DrugDriving.org.uk is a website that provides information about drug driving laws in the United Kingdom. Specifically, it focuses on the laws in England and Wales, emphasizing how it is a criminal offence to operate a motor vehicle when one has exceeded the legal limit of a specified controlled drug in their body. Similar to drink driving, the website explains how if a person is in charge of a vehicle and has surpassed this legal limit, they are committing a criminal offence.

The site provides further insight into the drug driving laws that were introduced on March 2nd, 2015 by section 56 of the Crime and Courts Act 2013. These laws brought a new section into the Road Traffic Act 1988, dubbed section 5A, Drugs and Driving marking the emergence of new drug driving offences. The reform of these laws was driven by the need to reduce the amount of wasted time, effort, and expense involved when prosecutions often failed under Section 4 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 - Driving or being in charge, when unfit through drink or drugs.

Previously, in order to achieve a conviction of driving while unfit through drugs under section 4, it had to be proven that a driver's ability was indeed impaired by a drug. However, with the introduction of the new drug driving laws, the circumstances and requirements for securing a conviction have now changed.

The website makes it clear that anyone driving, trying to drive, or in charge of a motor vehicle with a specified controlled drug in their body that exceeds the legal limit is committing a criminal offence. Importantly, it also offers free legal advice about drug driving penalties and an explanation of what steps law enforcement takes to identify drug drivers, such as the roadside swab. Making the connection that this swab test is akin to a breathalyser for drugs, DrugDriving.org.uk is a valuable information resource for understanding the drug driving laws in the UK.