NDH is a law firm that provides a range of services including family law, immigration law, and mediation. They emphasize their commitment to diligent, dedicated, and dependable service, aimed at finding creative and lasting solutions to difficult legal problems.

In the area of family law, NDH offers assistance with a comprehensive selection of issues. These include adoption, whether it's a second-parent or stepparent adoption, child custody, child support, and divorce. The firm also helps clients with injunctions and modification of orders. They exhibit special competency in dealing with prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. NDH provides services relating to paternity issues and can guide clients through the complex procedure of the relocation of children. Additionally, they can assist with visitation or time-sharing matters for parents who live separately.

Furthermore, NDH specialises in immigration law, providing assistance with citizenship applications and issues. They work with immigrants with criminal convictions, helping them navigate through the immigration process. Services are also provided for obtaining permanent residence, popularly known as a 'Green Card,' and managing various visa-related matters. The firm offers assistance with waivers, which are complex exchanges requiring detailed legal knowledge.

Mediation is another prominent service offered by NDH. The firm outlines the benefits of mediation, such as avoiding court proceedings, saving time, and reducing the stress and cost associated with litigation. NDH emphasizes its ability to resolve family law cases through mediation, providing a more amicable and efficient alternative to traditional court litigation.

NDH also promotes its abilities to handle cases related to collaborative divorce. They understand the sensitive nature of such matters and affirm their dedication to helping clients achieve the best possible outcomes. The firm's expertise is not only limited to divorce but extends to related matters such as paternity, support, and custody issues.

In conclusion, NDH is a comprehensive legal firm that offers services in areas of family law, immigration, and mediation. Their diverse range of services and dedicated approach makes them a potential choice for individuals needing legal assistance in these areas.

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