The Orlow Firm is a New York City-based law practice specializing in various personal injury legal areas. They have been serving NYC since 1982, defending the rights of those injured due to various incidents like car accidents, lead poisoning, police misconduct, construction accidents, and more.

The Orlow Firm is multilingual with a team that also speaks Spanish, accommodating a diverse clientele. They offer potential clients the convenience of free consultations through various communication methods, such as text, call, and email. They also serve in areas such as Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, and Queens.

Their plethora of resources on the website, such as case studies, success stories, and articles on their blog, reflect their dedication and experience. Their practice areas are vast, also extending to issues like nursing home abuse, slip and falls, sexual abuse victims, and worker's compensation.

The Orlow Firm underscores the importance of client satisfaction, showing dedication in their pursuit of obtaining the highest possible compensation for each client. Their record of significant five-, six-, and seven-figure awards for their clients stands testament to their commitment and effectiveness.

Verdict: The Orlow Firm positions itself as a dedicated law firm that pursues justice and fair compensation for personal injury clients. It works with a diverse base yet focuses on individual client satisfaction, working diligently to secure favorable results.

Business address

The Orlow Firm
71-18 Main St,
New York
United States

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Phone: 646-647-3398