Haggerty Hinton and Cosgrove LLP is a well-established legal firm that has been serving clients in Northeastern Pennsylvania, including Scranton, since 1965. Originally founded as Casey Haggerty and McDonnell, the firm has built an impressive reputation for providing high-quality, trusted, and affordable legal services.

The firm's legal practice is broad and diverse, covering diverse areas such as personal injury, estate planning, workers' compensation, social security disability, and more. The specifics include cases related to auto accidents, dangerous or defective products, medical malpractice, and various types of workplace injuries. They even handle cases related to back and neck injuries as well as repetitive trauma injuries. This shows that they are equipped to handle a wide range of legal needs of their clients.

The firm's services are not limited to personal injury and workers' compensation only. It also extends to areas like estate planning, probate and trusts which include services related to wills and trusts. They further offer services related to commercial litigation, bond representation, and business and real estate transactions, demonstrating their overall competence in multiple areas of law.

The distinct history of Haggerty Hinton and Cosgrove LLP spanning over five decades highlights their commitment to excellence and professional service in the legal space. With a client roster that includes individuals, businesses, financial institutions and educational bodies, the firm showcases its versatility and aptitude to serve a diverse range of clients.

To sum up, Haggerty Hinton and Cosgrove LLP is a reliable and comprehensive legal service provider with an expansive practice spectrum that has been serving the Northeast Pennsylvania community for more than half a century. The firm exhibits a long-standing tradition of trusted services, affordability, and professional excellence in handling a variety of legal issues.

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Haggerty Hinton & Cosgrove LLP
203 Franklin Ave,
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Phone: 570-344-9845