Kaplan Lawyers P.C. is a law firm specializing in personal injury claims based in multiple locations in New York City, including NYC, Nassau County, Brooklyn, Suffolk County, and Queens. From vehicle accidents involving bicycles, buses, cars, and motorcycles to workplace injuries, the law firm provides comprehensive coverage for all forms of personal injury cases. They deal with various types of injuries resulting from taxi cab accidents, truck accidents, hit and run cases, pedestrian accidents, and more.

In addition to dealing with accident cases, Kaplan Lawyers P.C. also deals with workers' compensation claims, serving clients who have suffered knee and shoulder injuries or injuries sustained from construction-related accidents. The team sees an employers' failure to provide a safe workplace as a serious issue, offering legal solutions to address negligence and ensure accountability.

Their broader range of personal injury services extends to handling claims arising out of nursing home abuse, premises liability, social security disability, and wrongful deaths. They also cater to issues related to slip and fall accidents, underlining their comprehensive scope of service.

The firm maintains a strong community presence while advocating for a client's right to deserved compensation, particularly when the injury is due to someone else's fault. They focus on holding accountable those responsible for causing damage, particularly in the context of New York's roads, where the firm identifies a significant threat from negligent drivers.

For those facing personal and financial challenges from serious injuries or car accidents, Kaplan Lawyers P.C. offers legal services. The firm provides a wide array of services, encompassing various areas of personal injury law. For individuals seeking more information about the firm's services, they also run a blog to shed light on different legal situations and potential solutions. Client testimonials showcase the firm's commitment to their cases and their success in helping their clients navigate the legal landscape.

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