Bungay Law Office, located in downtown Vancouver, is renowned for specializing in various areas of law including ICBC/Car Accident claims, Disability Insurance claims, and Personal Injury Law. With over 15 years of practical experience, their primary focus involves representing personal injury victims throughout BC.

Bungay Law Office has made a name for itself by successfully obtaining substantial settlements for its clients, amounting to millions of dollars over the years. Their dedicated team of lawyers gives preference to a personalized approach and ensures to treat every client with importance, exhibiting their commitment to the legal needs of the individuals they serve.

Unique in its structure, the firm is relatively small compared to larger counterparts that employ dozens of lawyers. Bungay Law Office prides itself on being a compact yet efficient team, which makes it possible for them to provide one-on-one personal service and pay attention to individualized client needs.

Their legal representation extends to a comprehensive list of personal injury cases, including Slip and Fall Injuries, Auto Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Hit and Run Accidents, Rear End Collisions, Pedestrian Accidents, and Cycling Accidents among others. They also specialize in various Disability Claims such as LTD Claim Denials, Disability Conditions, and Disability Settlements. Their services cover diverse ICBC cases, focusing on aspects like Pain and Suffering and Injury Claims and Settlements.

When settlements are not possible, Bungay Law Office is well-equipped to take the matter to court. The firm boasts a successful trial record in all of BC's Courts, including the Provincial Court, the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal, demonstrating their commitment and readiness to fight for their clients' rights.

Bungay Law offers potential clients a free consultation, which can be availed by contacting any of their offices located in Vancouver, Surrey, or Abbotsford. This shows the firm's openness and desire to understand the legal needs of potential clients and their willingness to provide guidance at an initial stage.

Overall, Bungay Law Office is a dedicated and efficient legal firm that offers personalized service to its clients. Their experience in handling personal injury cases, backed by a successful trial record, give them a strong standing in the field of injury and disability law.

Business address

Bungay Law Office
300 - 1120 Hamilton Street,
V6B 2S2

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Phone: 604-684-4300