Velasquez and Associates, P.A. is a full-service law firm based in Miami. It is primarily dedicated to providing legal services to both individuals and businesses. These services span various types of litigation and transaction support, cutting across several areas of law. The firm practices with high professional and ethical standards, bringing years of knowledge and experience into their practice.

The diverse practice areas of Velasquez and Associates cover numerous aspects like property damage insurance claims, criminal defense, employment law, foreclosure defense, immigration, personal injury, and wrongful death. This wide range of expertise ensures they can provide legal solutions for most pressing needs.

One of the main areas of their legal services lies in the sphere of property damage insurance claims. This includes dealing with denied damage claims, business interruption insurance claims, homeowners association claims, and residential insurance claims. They also offer services for restoration professionals and aid in the different steps involved in filing a claim.

Velasquez and Associates, P.A. also deal with civil litigation. They provide legal services to clients involved in disputes with other individuals, insurance companies, employers, or the government. Their criminal defense services cover support for clients who find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

In the area of employment law, the firm assists in wage and overtime claims. They also offer help in the case of foreclosure defenses, guiding clients through the legal intricacies associated with such situations. Furthermore, they take on cases involving immigration, providing legal advice and assistance as needed.

Personal injury and wrongful death-related cases are also taken up by Velasquez and Associates, P.A. They extend their services to clients who seek compensation for personal injuries or wrongful deaths.

The firm's clients are protected on a contingency fee basis, meaning they only pay if Velasquez and Associates can successfully recover on their behalf. This highlights the firm's commitment to their client's cause, as it offers a no win-no fee guarantee. For new clients, they offer a free case analysis, which can help individuals or businesses to understand the potential course of legal action to take for their specific circumstance.

Verdict: Velasquez and Associates, P.A. is a comprehensive legal service provider based in Miami. With a broad range of practice areas, and a commitment to high professional and ethical standards, they offer dedicated and diligent legal services for individuals and businesses.

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