Spodek Law Group is a Los Angeles-based law firm that specializes in a wide array of legal areas. The firm presents an extensive list of services, including criminal defense, federal appeals, healthcare fraud, employment law, education law, and family law. Particularly highlighted among its offerings are its divorce law services, catering not only to clients in Los Angeles, but also in New York City and Long Island.

One of the key areas of Spodek Law Group's practice is criminal defense. The group demonstrates a well-versed understanding of this field, covering a broad array of criminal charges from federal drug trafficking to child pornography defense. The firm's Federal Lawyers stand ready to help clients seek justice by handling their cases professionally and ethically. Also offered are defense services related to FINRA, PPP Loan Fraud, and RICO charges, amongst others, clearly demonstrating their extensive portfolio in this field.

Eminent within their list of services is the provision for federal appeals. The firm offers counsel and representation in cases of healthcare fraud and other federal appeals. Other services offered under criminal defense include defense for SNAP violations and assistance with government letters such as Civil Investigative Demands (CID), Grand Jury Subpoenas, Federal Subpoenas, Target Letters, and letters from the US Postal Service.

Moving beyond criminal defense, Spodek Law Group also extends services in the areas of employment law, particularly in cases involving sexual harassment, and education law. The firm places an emphasis on conflict resolution and advocacy, balancing legal professionalism with a client-centered approach.

One unmistakable feature of Spodek Law Group's services is its focus on family law, particularly its services as divorce lawyers. Handling cases in different geographic regions, it offers professional service for clients based in Los Angeles, NYC, and Long Island.

The law firm also displays a strong capacity in the field of business debt relief. It offers solutions in business debt negotiation, settlement, and relief. Other areas covered include Business Credit Card Debt Relief, EIDL Business Debt Relief, and relief for Merchant Cash Advances. They also provide assistance in situations of SBA Loan Default, with expert SBA Debt Lawyers and Attorneys ready to offer debt relief solutions and strategies.

Altogether, Spodek Law Group demonstrates its versatility across various domains of law, making it a comprehensive legal solution for clients in need of varied legal assistance. Their extensive range of services, coupled with their apparent commitment to ethical and client-centered practice, is what sets them apart.