Rigney Law LLC is a law firm based in Indianapolis, specializing in criminal defense. The firm offers a comprehensive range of services aimed at assisting individuals who have come into contact with the criminal justice system, advocating for them in order to achieve the best possible outcome. Services provided by the firm include assistance with OWI/DUI cases, blood and breath tests, probation issues, drug crimes, civil forfeiture, crimes involving guns, and more.

The attorneys at Rigney Law LLC, Jacob Rigney and Kassi Rigney, bring to the table their years of practical experience in criminal defense. They are known for their efforts in helping clients navigate the complexities of the criminal justice system. It is notable that the firm emphasizes the importance of detail-oriented legal analysis in defending against criminal charges, based on the belief that even the smallest details can significantly impact the outcome of a criminal case.

Additional resources provided by Rigney Law LLC include videos, FAQs, and podcasts aimed at informing their clients and the community about various aspects of criminal law and the processes involved in a criminal case. The firm also offers services like parole video, expungement, and license rehabilitation, and provides assistance with civil protective orders, evictions, and infractions expungements.

Key features of Rigney Law LLC include their commitment to their clients, their expertise across a broad array of legal areas linked to criminal defense, and their understanding of the potential challenges and pitfalls that could emerge during a criminal prosecution. Their commitment is encapsulated in their tagline: Experience. Effort. Always.

The firm offers free consultations and is reachable through call or email. Their website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it straightforward for a potential client to find and access the information or services they need.

While the professional approach and commitment of the firm are evident, potential clients should note that outcomes of specific cases will naturally vary, depending on the circumstances. Seeking legal advice and understanding the specific context and details of one's case are important steps in dealing with criminal charges.

In conclusion, Rigney Law LLC is a specialized criminal defense law firm that operates out of Indianapolis. With a team of experienced lawyers, they offer a wide range of services to help guide clients through the intricacies of the criminal justice system.

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