Goldberg Finnegan is a team of injury lawyers that provide services in Washington, DC and Silver Spring. The team consists of various professionals including Kevin I. Goldberg, Kevin J. Finnegan, Curtis D. Cannon, Charles Krikawa, Mayah Wells, Samantha Peters, Rayan Momenah, Stuart L. Plotnick, and Fani Kantartzis. The team's diverse experience and expertise allow them to cover various aspects of law services.

In Washington, DC, the law firm offers services related to cannabis law and long-term disability insurance. They also handle cases pertaining to medical malpractice and personal injury, with sub-specialties encompassing construction injuries, dog bite incidents, premises liability, and product liability. Additionally, Goldberg Finnegan extends their expertise to cases related to energy drink injuries, Gulf oil spill claims, various product recalls, and vehicle accidents.

As for services within Silver Spring, MD, Goldberg Finnegan primarily provides law services related to vehicle accidents, encompassing categories such as bicycle, boat, bus, car, motorcycle, train, and truck accidents. They also handle cases pertaining to dog bites, construction injuries, federal tort claims, victim compensation, and employment law issues such as whistleblower cases. Other services they offer involve law areas like family law, including child adoption and child support matters, insurance claims, motorist claims, and medical malpractice. They also deal with cases related to gastric bypass surgery injuries, nursing home abuses, premises liability, and product liabilities, with a special focus on drug injuries.

One of Goldberg Finnegan's main areas of focus within the field of personal injury is cases relating to construction and dog bite injuries. They are well-versed in representing victims of these cases and have the knowledge and experience to tackle complex legal issues tied to them. In terms of employment law, they show a strong commitment to protecting workers' rights, especially in workers' compensation claims and whistleblower cases.

Moreover, Goldberg Finnegan also displays proficiency in handling medical malpractice issues and federal tort claims. They offer representation to clients who have suffered from medical negligence or have been a victim of misdiagnosis, medication errors, or other types of poor medical treatment.

In conclusion, Goldberg Finnegan is a team of experienced lawyers providing diverse legal services within Washington, DC and Silver Spring. They cover an extensive range of matters, with particular strengths in personal injury, employment law, workers' compensation, and medical malpractice. Their vast range of services makes them an optimal choice for individuals seeking legal recourse in these areas.

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