LawTube is a useful site where individuals can choose their next attorney within a timeframe of just five minutes. The site caters to varying legal needs, providing assistance in family law, traffic law, military law, criminal law and more. They aim to establish efficient connections between clients and attorneys.

One of the highlighted services on the site is its section for articles for navigating family law. During times of crisis, many couples find themselves wanting to dissolve their relationships. For religiously married couples, they face potential challenges, and LawTube has offered legal insights on this matter.

Another interesting feature of the site is its focus on child adoption procedures. When couples decide to adopt, whether they are unable to have children or just want to grow their family, they have to navigate complex legal processes. LawTube offers legal overviews to guide these prospective parents.

The site also promotes the concept of shared parenting. A conservative view of family sees a child as the product of their parents' love. LawTube explores this aspect further, in the context of shared parenting, offering legal advice and insights.

LawTube also provides information on civil marriages. The institution of marriage in Israel is based on ancient Hebrew law, in accordance with traditional Jewish laws. The site breaks down this complex aspect of law in an accessible way to the public.

There is material on cohabiting couples who choose to live together, maintain a common household, establish a warm and loving home, and have children. LawTube provides legal insights on the implications and legal formalities involved in such arrangements.

Military law is another area addressed on the site. Principles of weapon purity, personal integrity, perseverance, adherence to procedures, and respect for general combat and natural morality are discussed. Military offenses are also covered, providing insights on the civilian legal system where light and serious criminal offenses are adjudicated.

The site additionally provides information on grounds for divorce. A divorce claim, a legal claim in all respects, requires proof. LawTube offers guidance on gathering credible proof and navigating the complex process of filing for divorce. LawTube thereby emerges as a valuable tool for legal information and assistance.