Pittsburgh Divorce Lawyer is a legal service provider specializing in the area of family law. With more than 100 years of collective legal experience among its team, the company offers expert guidance to clients facing sensitive issues related to divorce and other domestic relations matters.

The primary services delivered by the team range from adoption and alimony to business valuation and property distribution. Other special categories of family law matters they handle include high asset divorce, closely-held businesses, LGBT divorce, and professional athletes. Additionally, they offer services related to prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. Their expertise allows them to handle complex cases, such as child custody enforcement and modifications, paternity disputes, name changes, partition actions, and protection from abuse.

The firm also caters to more in-depth legal matters, such as tax matters associated with divorce and appraisal services. Furthermore, the company provides clients with services related to child support enforcement, modifications, and paternity battles.

Notably, the Pittsburgh Divorce Lawyer team is skilled in negotiation, adept at dealing with the intricacies of the courtroom. They strive to provide personalized representation that is sensitive to each client's unique situation and needs. They customize their services to adequately and efficiently address the specifics of each case they handle.

The firm serves a variety of clients across Western Pennsylvania. They guide clients from the start to the completion of their legal proceedings, aiming to offer peace of mind during challenging times. As a boutique Family Law practice, Bunde and Roberts, P.C. has established a reputation for providing tailored, dedicated service.

In addition to these services, Pittsburgh Divorce Lawyer maintains a client portal and operates a blog. The client portal facilitates client-lawyer communication and case management while the blog serves as an informational resource on topics related to family law.

In conclusion, Pittsburgh Divorce Lawyer offers comprehensive services in the realm of divorce and domestic relations. The firm succeeds in offering personalized, sensitive, and professional guidance to clients while handling an array of challenging legal matters. Their extensive experience in negotiation and courtroom complexities serve as a backbone for their reliable service.

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