Bruce S. Rosenwater and Associates, P.A is a reputable law firm specializing in a variety of legal sectors and has been serving the residents of Palm Beach County for over two decades. The areas of legal practice encompass family law, divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, and real estate.

The firm features a comprehensive array of services under the umbrella of family law, with an extensive focus on divorce-related forms of litigation. The divorce-related services consist of alimony, child custody, child support, contempt, the division of assets and liabilities, modification, parental responsibility, paternity, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, property division, and timesharing.

Furthermore, the firm also adeptly manages bankruptcy cases, providing professional, sensitive counsel to clients struggling with financial difficulties. They extend their expertise to several kinds of bankruptcy cases, namely Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. They also offer services to assist with credit card debt, creditor harassment, debt settlement, medical debt, non-bankruptcy workout, student loans and bankruptcy taxes. Additionally, they handle issues around wage garnishments, thus providing a holistic approach towards their clients' financial legal needs.

Moreover, Bruce S. Rosenwater and Associates, P.A is also proficient in matters related to foreclosures and real estate. Their services are designed to offer clients with various alternatives, including deed in lieu of foreclosure and other foreclosure alternatives. This makes the firm a solid choice for those dealing with real estate concerns or facing the potential loss of their property.

Rounding out their comprehensive service offering, the firm is also committed to providing non-native English speakers with high-quality legal representation. The firm members are multilingual, offering legal consultation and client discussions in Spanish.

Bruce S. Rosenwater and Associates, P.A is dedicated to faithfully defending their clients and to providing rigorous, sensitive legal advice. They have a reputation for working hard to protect their clients' interests during life's most challenging moments and surprises. Notably, they are keen on helping individuals smoothly navigate through the complexities of the legal process by offering delicate empathy and expert problem-solving where needed.

In conclusion, Bruce S. Rosenwater and Associates, P.A offers a wide spectrum of legal services to Palm Beach County residents. They are best known for their expertise in family law, bankruptcy, foreclosure, and real estate while also offering bilingual assistance, rendering them a versatile and accommodating law firm.

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