is a law firm specializing in dealing with disability claims relating to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), and social security. Headed by attorney Steve, the firm provides legal services nationwide from home. Its practicable areas include OPM Disability Retirement, Social Security Disability (SSD), Federal Workers' Compensation, Bankruptcy, and OPM and SSD claims processes and eligibility.

The firm claims to have several years of experience in the field and thus emphasizes its ability to win disability claim cases, expressing that the client will receive a 100% refund if the firm doesn't win the claim. The law firm has an alliance with several doctors across the country, which leads to an increased success rate for clients' claims.

One distinctive aspect of the firm is its direct approach to client-attorney relationships. Clients communicate directly with Steve, which helps increase the chances of a successful claim while also minimizing costs. This enables the firm to offer a Peace of Mind Guarantee to its clients, in which the client will not be charged a fee if their disability claim is not successful.

However, the text mentions a perceived issue with some law firms shuffling clients off to junior attorneys or paralegals with limited experience rather than having them work directly with an expert attorney. This practice is alleged to be common even among firms that boast experienced representation. BarzLaw, on the other hand, ensures clients work directly with the experienced attorney throughout the process, thus maximizing chances of success.

Notably, the firm also hosts free Evaluation and Strategy Sessions, regardless of the location of the client. This provides clients with the flexibility to have these sessions from their place of comfort without having to worry about travel-related expenses.

In conclusion, is a law firm that offers nationwide legal services centered around OPM and SSD claims. It links clients directly with experienced attorneys and adopts a result-oriented approach where the firm's fee is waived if they don't win the client's disability claim. The firm also offers free Evaluation and Strategy sessions. This indicates an approach tailored towards maximizing client success and demonstrates the firm's robust confidence in their expertise and competence.

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Law Offices of Stephen V. Barszcz
9455 Koger Blvd., Suite 117 ,
St. Petersburg,
United States

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Phone: 877-655-2667
Fax: 727-217-4403