Theisen and Roche is a personal injury legal firm located in Wheaton, Illinois. With a combined experience of over 65 years, the firm's attorneys, James M. Roche and Christopher T. Theisen, specialize in a wide range of practice areas. These include auto accidents, dog bites and animal attacks, catastrophic injuries, construction injuries, fire/explosion cases, insurance disputes, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse/neglect, trucking accidents, and wrongful death cases.

In addition to its broad spectrum of services, the firm has a history of dealing with significant cases. One of their noteworthy accomplishments includes recognition for the 2017 Top 40 Verdicts in the nation for a case amounting to $54 million. This demonstrates the firm's commitment toward ensuring justice for their clients, and their efficiency in handling influential cases.

The firm serves clients in multiple geographical areas, including Chicago, Naperville, Aurora, Glen Ellyn, and other surrounding areas. Therefore, it caters to a wide demographic. It is also known for providing a client-friendly approach. While dealing with a range of personal injury legal battles, its attorneys make sure to guide their clients through every step of the legal process. This is done in an efficient and prompt manner, ensuring that answers to clients' queries are promptly addressed and that the legal processes are resolved smoothly.

Theisen and Roche also offers a free case evaluation option. This ensures potential clients have the opportunity to discuss their cases and seek professional advice before officially engaging with the firm's services. This adds an element of transparency and openness to their operations.

Theisen and Roche's attorneys take the responsibility of obtaining just settlements for their clients. They provide their services with the singular goal to have their client fully compensated for their injuries and any ensuing financial loss. This demonstrates their commitment to their clients' welfare and their dedication to ensuring that their clients' rights are upheld.

However, as a firm that specializes in personal injury lawsuits, Theisen and Roche may not be the best option for those seeking legal representation in other areas of law. Therefore, the suitability of their services may be contingent on the particular legal needs and preferences of the client.

In conclusion, Theisen and Roche offers robust personal injury attorney services in Wheaton, Illinois, specializing in a broad range of practice areas, and has multiple notable achievements. However, they primarily serve personal injury-related cases. Hence it's advisable to consider one's own specific legal needs before choosing their services.

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