The law firm Maryland National Security and Clearance Lawyer offers a vast array of legal services and counseling, ranging from national security law to family law. Established in 1980, the firm has a growing staff of attorneys, each possessing a wide breadth of legal experience, thus enabling the firm to provide a broad spectrum of personal and business legal services.

One of the key areas of practice at Maryland National Security and Clearance Lawyer is national security law, which includes security clearance, adjudications and appeals, government contracting, and industrial security clearance. Furthermore, they specialize in matters related to the intelligence and defense community and have the capability to handle cases related to NSA hearings.

Beyond national security, the firm also practices in business law, extending services related to estate and succession planning, probate, and real estate law. One of their notable services includes dealing in short sales. Moreover, with specialties in diverse areas like criminal defense, drug crimes, DUI/DWI, and juvenile crimes, the firm offers comprehensive legal services. They also handle cases related to sex crimes, traffic violation, and violent crimes.

Their services extend further into family law, dealing with cases related to divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, marital property, prenuptial agreements, and separation agreements. Additionally, the firm carries an expertise in wealth creation.

Conveniently located, Maryland National Security and Clearance Lawyer restricts its litigation practice to the State of Maryland and Washington, D.C, appearing only before administrative bodies, and State and Federal Courts. The law firm encourages prospective clients to get in touch for further assistance.

Given the broad gamut of services offered and their decades of experience, Maryland National Security and Clearance Lawyer provides clients with extensive legal coverage, making it a versatile legal resource in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

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