Vogel LLP is a Calgary-based law firm specializing in personal injury and family law. The firm offers a wide array of services encompassing multiple facets of personal injury, such as bone fractures, brain injury, concussions, and chronic pain. It also covers cases associated with cyclist, motorcycle, motor vehicle, and pedestrian accidents. Additionally, Vogel LLP handles uninsured hit and run accidents and wrongful death cases.

The other area of specialization for the firm is family law. Their family law services include handling adoptions, child support, emergency protection orders, and family law appeals. They also offer proficiency in international family law, matrimonial or family Property, mediation or arbitration, and mobility. Vogel LLP provides expert advice on parenting, custody and access, prenuptial and cohabitation agreements, spousal support, as well as separation and divorce proceedings.

Vogel LLP extends its expertise to estates and estate litigation too. It aids clients in estate litigation, estates and probate matters alongside wills and estate planning. The firm also offers advice on enduring powers of attorney and personal directives. In an effort to serve the society in which it operates, Vogel LLP actively participates in community service and offers scholarships and awards.

Under its banner, Vogel LLP boasts a diverse and experienced team of legal professionals. The team includes experts like Kasey Anderson, Michelle Brandt, Manroop Chatha, Mandeep Dhillon, Jaclyn Finestone, Abby Griener, Anthea Law, and Norm Machida among others. This team brings together a remarkable range of knowledge and expertise across myriad legal genres to provide comprehensive legal solutions to the clients. The inclusive, broad-ranging, and highly specialized services at Vogel LLP cater to a wide array of legal needs for individuals and families residing in Calgary.