Petplan Equine is an insurance provider specializing in equine coverage. The company offers specific insurance plans for horses, including the Horse Insurance, Veteran Plan and Rider Plan. Each plan is intended to accommodate the different needs associated with horse and rider health and wellbeing.

In addition to its insurance products, Petplan Equine offers extensive advice and guidelines on a wide range of topics pertaining to horse care. Guidance is provided for various health and wellness elements such as the horse's digestive system, weight management, equine lameness, and tips for ensuring a healthy, long life for the horse. The provider also offers free guides on topics like foraging, stable entertainment, and preventing and controlling flies.

Petplan Equine also puts effort into teaching clients about equine health challenges and how to manage them. For instance, it provides guides on how to recognize and address a range of health problems. These include issues like locking stifle, leg protection, spotting summer pasture allergies, and understanding common winter skin conditions.

In terms of care management, Petplan Equine's resources include advice on transitioning a horse's diet from winter to spring, grooming tips for winter, and exercises to improve a horse's strength and suppleness. The company also highlights the value of horse hydrotherapy and care for horses on box rest.

To keep riders informed and engaged, Petplan Equine suggests relevant apps for equestrians and recommends social media accounts to follow. There is a post-lockdown checklist available, aimed at ensuring horses are ready to return to work. The company also provides necessary checks on equine insurance coverage, alongside personal interest stories, such as Woody's story that tells a tale of overcoming the odds. There is also advice available on protecting horses from grass sickness.

Petplan Equine also extends its scope to commemorate horse-related holiday celebrations, with lists of Christmas gift ideas for horses. There are specific resources for the care of older horses, aimed at keeping them youthful and energetic.

From horse health and wellness to insurance plans and entertaining resources, Petplan Equine demonstrates comprehensive equestrian services. Its broad range of topic coverage and user-friendly guides suggest an inclusive approach towards its clientele's varying needs and interests.

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