Tradesman Insurance UK is an insurance provider specifically designed to cater to the needs of various tradesmen and businesses in the United Kingdom. They offer a myriad of insurance coverage options tailored to different occupations in order to meet individual business needs. This includes insurance for builders, contractors, scaffolders, plumbers, carpenters, joiners, roofers, handymen, plant operators, caterers, cleaners and even photographers, gardeners, car valeters, wedding and event planners, painters and decorators, and security guards.

The company strives to cover all aspects of a business, providing insurance covers such as Public Liability Insurance, Products Liability Insurance, Legal Expenses Insurance, Financial Loss Insurance and Accidental Death Insurance. These provisions aim at protecting businesses from a variety of contingencies and provide financial as well as legal aid in case of unfortunate incidents. This makes Tradesman Insurance UK a reliable choice for any professional seeking to safeguard their trade from unpredictable circumstances.

In addition, Tradesman Insurance UK offers optional coverage features to provide more comprehensive protection to the insured. These features include Business Contents Insurance, Contractor's All Risks Insurance, Employer's Liability Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Short Term Income Protection, Professional Indemnity Insurance, and Tools and Equipment Insurance. This ensures that businesses can have insurance cover that is tailor-made to suit their unique needs and cover all possible risks.

The use of their online platform allows businesses to make payments and oversee their insurance policies effectively. They have also made it possible for potential customers to get an insurance quote through their platform or by contacting them directly, making the process of obtaining insurance policy more convenient. Their customer service stands out for its availability and commitment to ensuring the satisfaction of their clients.

Additionally, they also offer insurance cover for high-risk trades and sole traders, signifying their versatility in providing insurance services across different business types. This includes unique provisions for specialized services including pet sitting and dog walking.

Tradesman Insurance UK's commitment towards offering a flexible and comprehensive insurance service is reflected in their wide range of insurance covers. From construction insurance to electricians insurance, the company's multi-faceted insurance policies ensure that all the needs of any trade are met efficiently and professionally. The inclusion of both automatic and optional covers further amplifies their commitment towards customer satisfaction and providing optimal insurance solutions for every business.

Verdict: Tradesman Insurance UK is a dedicated and comprehensive insurance provider for all tradesmen and businesses, offering a wide range of customizable and extensive insurance cover options. Their dedication to customer service and policy flexibility highlights their position as a leading choice for trade insurance in the United Kingdom.

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Tradesman Saver
Tradesman Saver, Chancery House, St Nicholas Way,
United Kingdom

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Phone: 0800 121 8748