Univar Solutions is a trusted supplier and distributor of oleochemicals, with a wide-ranging variety of product categories on offer. It ensures optimal functioning of its store only when cookies are enabled and Javascript is also active in the browser.

In terms of products, Univar Solutions provides a diverse selection ranging from different kinds of acids to a variety of extracts. Their selection of acids includes acetic, ascorbic, carboxylic, hydrochloric, hydroxy, nitric, citric (food grade and technical grade), phosphoric, and sulfuric acids.

Univar Solutions also delivers an extensive range of additives and modifiers, including botanical extracts. These encompass various extracts from algae, flowers, fruits, herbs, husks, leaves, roots, seeds, and even wood. They also stock Phytotrace extracts. Other additives available include color additives, dispersing additives, foaming agents, food additives and preservatives, fracturing and mining fluids, inhibitors, lubricant additives, polymer additives, silica, wax, and more.

For those looking for chelants, enzymes and microbes, Univar Solutions has a good selection. They supply chelants like phosphonates, rheology modifiers, clays, modified urea and additional chelants. There is also a range of enzymes, microbes, and plant-based proteins.

Moreover, Univar Solutions also offers essential chemicals and ingredients which includes aluminum sulfate, tolonate, ammonium hydroxide, calcium chloride, calcium hydroxide, limonenes, non-nutritive sweeteners, urea borates, carbonates (like sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, and calcium carbonates), chlor-alkali, fats and oils, phosphates (such as ammonium, calcium, potassium, and sodium phosphates), salts, vitamins, and sodium.

All in all, Univar Solutions comes across as a comprehensive source for a broad range of oleochemicals and other related products with an easy to navigate product categories list, ensuring customers will find what they're looking for with ease. Their use of cookies and Javascript further enhances the user experience. This distributor is the reliable one-stop-shop for all these chemical products and ingredients.

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