Silvia Flores holds the position of Managing Partner at Alder Koten, where she plays a critical role in the firm's manufacturing, supply chain, and operations practice, in addition to its maquiladora practice. Her background in operations and engineering, combined with her experience in various quality and operational excellence roles, equips her to provide superior leadership counsel and a deep understanding of the competencies required in the manufacturing and supply chain sectors.

With a solid track record in recruiting manufacturing and supply chain leaders, Silvia actively builds talent networks to efficiently present targeted candidates to clients. Her recruitment efforts span a broad array of functions, including manufacturing operations, quality and engineering, strategic sourcing, procurement, and logistics, among others. Her client portfolio includes notable companies such as Forza Steel, Frisa Industries, and Metalsa.

Silvia's expertise is not limited to local talent. She is also proficient in recruiting for positions covering the entire spectrum of the supply chain, from upstream to downstream, with special focus on areas like transportation, logistics, and contract management. Her fluency in English and Spanish further enhances her ability to operate effectively in diverse markets, particularly in Mexico and the U.S.

Her educational background includes a bachelor's degree in mechanical and industrial engineering from the Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, and she holds certification in Demand Flow Technology. This technical and academic foundation supports her specialized approach in recruiting for technical sales and industrial sectors, where she places a strong emphasis on identifying leadership and management talent.

As an executive search professional, Silvia's role spans across borders, making her a pivotal figure in linking manufacturing and operations talent with industry-leading companies in both Mexico and the United States. Her comprehensive approach ensures that Alder Koten clients receive access to top-tier candidates that meet the demanding requirements of today's dynamic business environment.

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Silvia Flores Executive Search
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Phone: 713-476-9000