Metro Shelving Products is currently in the process of updating their website to enhance the user experience. This update promises an improved and easy-to-navigate website featuring all the Metro products that the company currently offers. It appears that the company has prioritized user experience in their digital renovation, with promises of a seamless shopping process on the new site.

However, during this transition period, the previous website must go offline. The company, recognising the inconvenience this may pose to their customers, has taken steps to mitigate potential disruptions. The Metro Shelving Products staff will continue to take and process orders through email and phone, ensuring that their services remain uninterrupted during the transition.

Metro Shelving Products assures its customer base that any existing orders won't be affected by the website hiatus. They are committed to keeping their customers updated on their progress throughout this process. The staff at Metro Shelving Products remain accessible and ready to handle any customer inquiries or orders.

This website update also includes an update on their privacy policy. The company states that their website will use cookies for website traffic analysis and optimization of user experience. They also let users know that by accepting the use of cookies, user data will be aggregated with all other user data.

Despite the temporary unavailability of their online platform, Metro Shelving Products continues to serve its customers without disruptions, a commitment that speaks to their dedication to their clientele. Their forthcoming website indicates their focus on elevating the entire shopping experience for their customers.

Business address

Metro Shelving Products
5318 E. 2nd Street #244,
Long Beach,
United States

Contact details

Phone: 800 963-9146
Fax: 800 963-9145