Wetroomstop is a specialized retailer that provides a wide range of wet room products and accessories. It operates from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm, with customer support reachable through two dedicated numbers. Further, Wetroomstop offers the convenience of next-day delivery for all of its products.

The product range of Wetroomstop is quite vast, incorporating various different style and functionalities that cater to customer needs and preferences. This includes multiple versions of wet room shower trays such as trays specifically for tiled floors, square drain wet room trays, offset drain square wet room trays, and various types of wet room kits. Additionally, their Quadra range provides options with central corner drains and linear drains. For customers looking for a chic appeal, the Flexi Dual range is available in black and gold options, catering both to side and end drain requirements.

In addition to this, Wetroomstop offers wet room trays specifically designed for vinyl floors, with linear options available. For customers looking to install linear shower drains, Wetroomstop provides versatile options suitable for both tiled and vinyl floors. Alongside these primary products, Wetroomstop stocks 'EasyFlow Dual Linear' and 'Clamp Drain' options as well.

Recognizing the comfort and luxury of heated floors, Wetroomstop also caters to underfloor heating needs. They stock underfloor heating mats and dedicated thermostats for heat regulation. 'Heatmat' is one of the brands available for these products.

For customers considering a walk-in shower setup, Wetroomstop has various shower enclosures, including 'Timeless' walk-in shower screens. Moreover, to ensure the longevity and strength of the wet room setups, Wetroomstop retails an array of building materials. These include waterproofing materials, sealing fabrics, tapes, and corners. Also available are sealing compounds like 'PCI Lastogum Tanking' and waterproofing kits.

Verdict: Wetroomstop is a comprehensive, one-stop destination for individuals seeking wet room solutions. It provides a variety of products, from shower trays and drains to underfloor heating systems and waterproofing materials.

Business address

Sieme ltd, 590 Kingston Road,
SW20 8DN
United Kingdom

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Phone: +44 (0)20 3966 5876