Weld Mesh offers a wide range of products for various needs. One of their main offerings includes welded mesh rolls, panels, and sheets, which are versatile items and can be used in different settings. This diversity extends to their other product ranges as well.

Among their unique offerings are gabions, which come in standard design, custom size, and also offer an option for gabion stone. They provide detailed installation instructions, making it straightforward for customers to understand and install by themselves. To further extend their gabion offerings, they offer gabion fencing systems that offer a unique blend of aesthetics and function.

The company also offers a comprehensive range of fencing and mesh products. This includes welded mesh, metal post systems, chainlink security fencing, fencing tools, tree guards, sunshade netting, rabbit netting, and rabbit traps. The wide selection caters to different fencing needs, from generic uses to more specific requirements.

Weld Mesh also meets the needs of pet owners with their range of pet runs and aviaries. They offer bird aviaries, dog runs, cat runs, chicken runs, and puppy cages. This includes a large cage for use in zoos, indicating their capability to cater to professional, commercial settings as well.

They also offer secure cages in their shop. They provide gas bottle cages, standard security cages, custom security cages, installation safes, and more. Machine guarding and decorative security are also provided, making it a comprehensive shop for security solutions.

For pest control, their insect mesh range is available. These products include soffit vent mesh, insect mesh, mosquito mesh, beehive flooring, window and door systems, and fly screens. This variety ensures different pest control needs are met.

Finally, Weld Mesh offers decorative grilles. With a selection of compare grilles, patterned sheets, regency diamond, hand made interwoven, and crimped mesh, the company offers an aesthetically pleasing option for customers seeking this type of product. Overall, Weld Mesh provides a varied and comprehensive selection of products to cater to a range of needs.

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Weld Mesh
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United Kingdom

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Phone: 01902 898208
Fax: 01902 8989179