CMH Software is a company that specializes in Electrical Design and Training Software, offering a variety of products such as software for creating electrical ladder diagrams, floor plans, and even PLC training tools. It also offers software with detailed tutorials on residential wiring and basic motor control training. For educators, the company provides resources for remote learning options, which is highly beneficial in the current era of distance learning.

One of the standout products from CMH Software is the 'Constructor Ladder Diagram Software'. This software offers a platform for users to create the ladder diagrams which are essential for electrical planning. The company offers a trial download for potential customers to try before they commit to purchasing the product.

In addition to the Constructor software, CMH Software also has 'Residential Wire Pro Electrical Floor-plan Software'. Similar to the Constructor, this software is designed for designing and planning, but specifically for residential wiring.

For training purposes, the company offers an 'Instructor Basic Motor Control Training' software. It provides detailed information and instructions for beginners to learn basic motor control. A separate product, the 'Residential Wiring Tutorial', further supplements this learning, providing users with comprehensive guidance in residential wiring.

Additionally, CMH Software has an assortment of electrical posters and reference cards, as well as a series of DVD videos on programmable controllers. These additional resources serve as tangible reference material, making them great complements to the software products.

CMH Software regularly provides updates to their products, with their newest version - 'Residential Wire Pro 5' - now available for users. Their upgrade prices are also quite reasonable, offering upgrades to their 'Constructor 15' software from earlier versions at varying yet affordable prices.

Available support services are also a highlight, allowing customers to get in touch for more information if needed. They provide a comprehensive FAQ page to help answer common queries, as well as contact details for any additional queries customers may have.

Verdict: CMH Software is a comprehensive provider of electrical design software and training products. Their offerings provide structured, detailed and easy-to-understand resources for both beginners and established industry professionals.