Blackhawk Supply Company, located in Chicago, is a premier supply store for HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing parts. The expansive inventory embodies a diverse array of products spanning from HVAC controls, sensors, thermostats, and heating supplies to a broad spectrum of plumbing and electrical products. Catering to different customer needs, it also accommodates varying line cards.

The HVAC section boasts an extensive range of equipment, making it an all-inclusive store for both amateur and professional HVAC troubleshooters. They stock zone controllers from well-established brands like Braeburn and EWC Controls, signifying their commitment to quality. From furnace controls and parts, gas burners, and oil tank supplies to water heater parts and radiator valves, the range of heating supplies is comprehensive.

In addition to carrying standard HVAC parts, the store also houses specific components such as rectangular and round motorized/manual bypass dampers. For those needing assistance with faulty units, there's a robust selection of replacement parts such as blower motors and wheels, pneumatic parts, and compressor controls. Other specialized HVAC products such as air diffusers, fans, fan controls, and refrigeration items are also available at Blackhawk Supply Company.

When it comes to water heating controls, the offerings are equally exhaustive. From different types of control, ball, globe valves to actuated valves, Blackhawk ensures customers find what they need. There's a vast gallery of zone valves, steam traps, and balancing valves. As a nod to technological advancement, Blackhawk also stocks electronic and pneumatic valve actuators, offering an impressive assortment from brands like Belimo, Danfoss, and Hayward Flow Control.

Balancing utility and quality in their electrical supply, the company has proved itself a go-to destination. The overall customer experience is enhanced by the ease of online shopping, supportive customer service, and an easy quote system. Contacting the company is made accessible through a quick call and a dedicated online login system for existing customers.

In conclusion, Blackhawk Supply Company is a one-stop-shop for all needs in terms of HVAC, electric, and plumbing parts. Its extensive catalogue, superior product range, and customer-focused services make it a standout choice among suppliers in Chicago and beyond.

Business address

Blackhawk Supply
2155 Stonington Ave Unit 105,
Hoffman Estates,
United States

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Phone: 8477730645