MISUMI is a multi-faceted supplier recognized for its extensive selection of industrial supplies and components. The company specialises in the provision of Custom Part Configurations, Factory Automation Components, Industrial Supplies, Tools and an array of other related products and services.

Webcode Search is a key feature of MISUMI's online ordering process. This functionality streamlines and simplifies product searches by offering keyword and series code suggestions, easing navigation for customers. Also integrated within its system is an Order/Quote feature, which keeps a record of previous transactions as well as provides the ability to make new orders or generate quotes as needed.

In addition to its wide array of industrial components and supplies, MISUMI provides a comprehensive list of product categories. Among their offerings are Automation Components, with categories like Linear Motion, Rotary Motion, and Connecting Parts. Also offered are Conveyors and Material Handling, Pneumatics, Motors and Reducers, and Positioning Stages, Optical and Inspection Components. MISUMI also offers a wide variety of Vacuum Components, Hydraulic Equipment, Spray Equipment, Pipes, Tubes, Hoses and Fittings. Aside from these, they also retail Modules and Units, Temperature Control Units, Casters, Leveling Mounts and Anchor Brackets, Door and Cabinet Hardware, Springs and Shock Absorbers. MISUMI also has an extensive line-up of Maintenance and Safety Products and Robot Parts.

Their collection of Fasteners is extensive; they offer a wide array of Screws and Bolts, along with Screws for Building Materials. These offerings demonstrate MISUMI's commitment to providing all the necessary accessories and small components a company might need in an industrial or factory setting.

It's worth noting that MISUMI operates a robust customer service system. Their online account management portal is easy to navigate and offers various options such as changing passwords, adding new shipping addresses, managing account nicknames, and an easy logout process. They provide tailored services and offer customer-centric facilities such as order tracking, customer code, and a list of received coupons.

Overall, MISUMI has established itself as a reliable provider of customized part configurations, factory automation components, and other industrial supplies. Their wide range of products and solutions, coupled with their easy-to-use online platform and commitment to customer satisfaction, makes them a valuable resource for any business operating within the industrial sector.