Tri County Pallet, with facilities in Akron and Cleveland, is a family-owned and operated Recycling Management company. The business primarily deals in the buying and selling of wooden pallets. They offer a wide variety of pallet options for their customers, including 48x40 - GMA Pallets, odd size pallets, and custom pallet designs. Apart from providing treated pallets, Tri County Pallet also assists with the sale of pallet trailer loads.

The firm is committed to promoting recycling, as evidenced by its venture into comprehensive recycling management. As part of its recycling services, Tri County Pallet sells a variety of mulch products, including scrap wood and colored mulch. Furthermore, they provide recycling solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of individual businesses.

Also noteworthy about Tri County Pallet is its dedication to customer service. It encourages potential and existing clients to contact them with any inquiries or uncertainties, underlining their readiness to cater to all pallet-related demands, regardless of the size. Tri County Pallet is an ideal partner for businesses in Ohio and surrounding states that require reliable and flexible pallet services.

In conclusion, Tri County Pallet and Mulch is not only interested in buying and selling wooden pallets but is also intentioned on reducing waste through recycling, contributing to environmental conservation. The broad range of products and services offered by the company makes it a viable option for businesses of various sizes.

Business address

Tri County Pallet & Mulch
900 Flora Ave.,
United States

Contact details

Phone: 3308480313