Virgamet is a reputable supplier in the engineering and stainless steel industry. As a key point of sale for businesses undertaking projects needing quality steels, stainless steels, and nickel alloys, Virgamet offers a diverse range of products. The stock includes structural, alloy, tool, special, and stainless steels, each with varying alloy surcharge concentrations. Tailored to meet specific customer requirements, Virgamet's materials offer unique mechanical and physical properties, withstanding harsh working conditions, fatigue, abrasion, pressure, critical temperatures, and corrosive environments.

The company sources majority of its product offerings from European mills and forges. These materials are always accompanied by quality certificates, thereby validating their credibility and meeting industry standards. Virgamet's clientele constitutes primarily Polish Companies, complemented by foreign organizations across diverse sectors such as chemical, shipbuilding, energy, automotive, aviation, mining, and machinery industries.

Virgamet also specializes in nickel and nickel alloys. The basic combination of nickel and iron, complemented by cobalt and other metals, leads to the formation of nickel alloys with distinct properties and physical features. Moreover, detailed descriptions of different groups of alloys and superalloys can be found on Virgamet's website.

In conclusion, Virgamet aligns with industry expectations and provides meticulous customer service and innovative solutions. Their wide range of grades, extensive experience, and knowledge core combined with a professional approach have positioned them as a notable steel supplier in the market.

Business address

Torunska 15/2,
Greater Voivodeship

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Phone: +48632735820