Energy Power Systems is a provider of Caterpillar Generators, offering both diesel and gas engines. The company stands out as a complete source for new power generation, industrial oil, gas, and marine power systems. It prides itself on being able to service many industries, including utilities, renewable energy, oil and gas, resources and mining, marine manufacturing, health and education, government and defense, food processing, data centres, construction, facilities management, and agriculture.

Apart from selling equipment, Energy Power Systems operates with a commitment to customer value. It offers a series of services to supplement its products, including Customer Value Agreements, Emergency Response Hire, and Extended Service Coverage (ESC). These services enhance the product's lifespan and help ensure that customers receive value for their investment.

Energy Power Systems also offers front-end engineering and design (FEED), servicing and maintenance. This indicates its commitment to providing professional after-sales services. Customers can also take advantage of the company's mine cooling hire and can register for warranty and support, demonstrating the company's effort to provide comprehensive services to its customers.

Another notable feature of the company's service range is the Remote Monitoring. It enables customers to keep a close eye on their systems, therefore increasing efficiency and reducing downtime. Repower Packages and Gas Parts and Service provide yet more layers of support to customers, a testament to their comprehensive approach.

Furthermore, Energy Power Systems offers a rental service for power generation and temperature control equipment as well as air compressors. This flexibility is a great advantage for businesses that require short-term power solutions or have budgetary limitations.

The company is also committed to sustainable practices. Its standardised energy modules are designed to minimise environmental impact, aligning with its values around health, safety, environment, and quality.

Energy Power Systems additionally offers financing options so that customers can get what they need when they need it, reducing the financial strain that often comes with such purchases.

Lastly, the company places a significant focus on corporate responsibility. It has a clear code of conduct and a strong commitment to health, safety, environment, and quality. It also invites potential employees to join their team, showcasing their growth and commitment to nurturing talent.

In conclusion, Energy Power Systems is a comprehensive provider of industrial power solutions, with a strong focus on customer satisfaction, sustainability, and ethical business practices.