Automated Billing Services and Mailing is a company that specializes in providing billing and mailing solutions for business owners. It has been serving businesses since 1998, offering a range of services including data merging, envelope stuffing, 1st class presort, bar-code, Cass certified, and NCOA bulk mailing. The company's primary focus is on creating professional invoices, billing statements, collection letters, and forms from a variety of data formats such as PDF, Microsoft Excel, XML, XLS files.

One of the unique aspects of Automated Billing Services and Mailing is its all-inclusive service. They do not outsource any of their work, everything is done in-house at the company's facility. This allows businesses to have a comprehensive, streamlined service for all of their billing and mailing needs. It handles everything from printing to envelope stuffing and mailing, ensuring consistency and quality throughout the process.

Automated Billing Services and Mailing offers a comprehensive suite of services, in addition to billing and mailing functions. These include folding, stamping, both hand and machine-based, and free billing statement or invoice design and layout.

Another advantage that the company offers its clients is the freemium functionality. Larger business owners, with more complex billing needs, can send their information to the company for complete processing and smaller businesses can use their online billing services program at no charge. This free service is specifically aimed at simplifying account and billing information management for smaller businesses.

The company also features strong customer support, offering free telephone support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means clients can receive help whenever they require, providing a reliable and accessible service for business owners.

In conclusion, Automated Billing Services and Mailing is a company offering a wide range of billing and mailing services for businesses large and small. Their in-house service guarantees a streamlined procedure, reduced hassle and high-quality results while their free online tool offers a practical solution for smaller businesses.