Compare Finnish loans and lenders quickly and free of charge. Using the websites comprehensive resources allows one to find loans with the lowest interest.

Lainapanimo is a loan comparison and resource site intended for Finnish consumers that allow people to quickly and thoroughly look up and compare Finland based lenders and their loan products. The site lists all kinds of loan products, from quick payday loans to large bank loans, car loans and credit accounts, allowing users to quickly see each loan's interest rates, other costs etc.

Visitors can also read up on essential information about lending in general, so that they can make even more informed financial decisions. The main goal of the site is to bring all Finnish credit options together so that finding one will be easy regardless of the sum or intended use. Lainapanimo also streamlines the application process, making it easier than ever to apply for multiple loans at the same time. All of the sites features are aimed to eliminate unnecessary work and save precious time. The site features tools that allow one to filter and find different loans depending on their situation and needs. The loan products will be shown in a simple list, so they can then be easily compared to one another. Once the appropriate loan product is found, it can be applied for in a matter of minutes.

Visiting, reading and using is 100 % free and brings no additional costs to any loans applied through it. The site is also unbiased, featuring all the major lenders in Finland, with up-to-date information regarding their products and services. If you are living in Finland and want an inexpensive and fast loan, you will find it at Lainapanimo.


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