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  • Binaire Opties
    A website that gives people information about binary options. It doesn't matter if you're just starting with Binary Options or you are an experienced trader, you will find all the information you need on binaire optie specialist!

  • Binary Options South Africa
    Guide to binary options trading in South Africa. Learn how to trade binary options with high quality guides, brokers reviews and weekly news from the industry.

  • Broker Opinioni
    An online broker review website which compares Forex Brokers, CFD Brokers and Binary Option brokersfor Italian speakers.

    Provides an environment for online trading and a wide range of trading instruments, tight spreads, instant withdrawal, demo account, currency converter, economic calendar, trader's calculator and online trading software.

    A database of forex brokers. Reviews, ratings, guides.

  • Franchise Supermarket
    A platform which helps to empower investors by allowing them to easily view and receive information about all of the franchises for sale in the UK.

  • FXGL Capital EP
    FxGl, owned by FxGl Capital group, was founded by brokers and internet experts. Their mission is to offer a wide range of services and a free technology in order to trade in secure conditions.

  • Grassroots Currency Speculation
    Helps forex traders find an edge so that they can become successful in currency speculation. The strategy that we teach is based on economic fundamentals that are unique to each nation as it relates to their currency.

  • ICO Drip EP
    A database of Initial coin offerings. Their platform helps investors discover best ICO & token sales opportunities available.

  • Nevsky World
    An introduction to the world of investing, with a firm focus on Eastern European investments and understanding how hedge funds work.

  • PinnacleMCGlobal: Property Investments
    A UK based property investment company. Specialists in UK property investment in the Student accommodation sector though recently Pinnacle have developed their first residential block open to investors.

  • Systematic Bonds
    Offers institutional-grade research on systematic/quantitative fixed income strategies. The research topics include investment strategy construction and implementation, risk management, and integration into a broader fixed income portfolio. Target audience of the website is investment professionals with a high level of understanding of both fixed income markets and quantitative approaches.

  • Top Binary Options Brokers
    Offers a list of the top brokers that offer binary options trading. Also, access other trading options such as CFDs, forex, and more.

  • Top ICO List
    A platform where users may discover the best ICOs on the market. Their cryptocurrency ICO list is kept up to date on a daily basis.

  • What is Forex Trading?
    A detailed breakdown of what is forex trading, as well as the top brokers that offer forex investment services.

  • ABSNet
    Provides surveillance tools, a bond screener, and a cash flows tool for investors.

  • AFP Online
    This site provides investors with current financial information relating to Certified Treasury Professionals. They have a community exchange area, and describe requirements for CTP certification.

    Provides current news, webinars, and quick links for business professionals in the banking arena.

  • Bond Funds
    A Chicago based investment advisory firm that expertise in fixed income investment strategies and high yield residential mortgage backed securities.

    Formed in 1994, professionals from the site educate buyers and sellers of debt. Aspects of education include consultation, portfolio marketing, and proper marketing of delinquent receivable portfolios.

  • E-Compliance
    Involved in providing information, links, and regulatory advice for investment advisers, broker-dealers, banks, insurance companies, transfer agents, and commodities firms.

  • Elemetal Vault
    Articles and tutorials for precious metal investors.

  • Equity Research Associates
    A provider of industry related news and economic research for the paper and forest products industry.

  • eSignal
    Investment professionals use this site to obtain stock market real-time data. They provide charting software for trading stocks, options, Forex, and futures markets.

  • Jefferies Group LLC
    A global investment banking firm, headquartered in New York with offices in over 30 cities around the world; provides clients with capital markets and financial advisory services, institutional brokerage and securities research, as well as wealth management.

  • Lane Guide
    Since 1957, this company has provided a complete lender database, which now has over 140,000 lenders. Data includes loan servicing, payoffs, REO contacts, specialized service departments, and trustees.

  • MoneyWeb
    Provides a link directory and service guide for investment professionals. Topics cover business, economics, employment, government, markets, information technology, and more.

  • New Gold Investments
    Provides a free and impartial guide to gold investing, with a US bullion dealer directory containing detailed mystery shopper reports and independent user submitted ratings as well as gold dealer reviews.

  • Nexus Health Capital
    A boutique investment bank providing financial advisory, M&A, and private placement services to middle-market healthcare-focused organizations and institutional investors.

  • NYSE Technologies
    This web portal contains data products, data solutions, administration services, and full depth historical data for the products traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

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Investment Services Web Directory

The complexity of managing investments requires expertise that is no longer easy to acquire. Professional asset and investment managers receive a commission for the successful management of the client's investment portfolio. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities and real estate are common forms of investment tools that require active management.

Investment services web directory

Individuals and businesses save surplus funds during good economic times. The intention is to protect assets and earn additional funds for future use.

The investment manager seeks additional ways to optimize earnings without unnecessary risk of the investment. Effective investment managers will monitor the market trends and reduce the losses incurred.

Clients must communicate financial goals to the investment manager because of the importance of having access to the money. Some investment tools create insolvent conditions for the client. Investment managers are wise to communicate risks and gains in terms of the existing client accounts.

Actual numbers are meaningful to the client, but theory is not helpful to those without extensive financial training. Independent investment services allow the client to make decisions that are not tainted by unhealthy associations. Clients must look for investment managers who receive results-based fees. Commissioned-based managers will offer advice that might not be in the client’s best interest.

Investment services can offer basic guidance for saving money over an extended period of time or highly specialized advice to achieve specific goals. Tax benefits offered through investments encourage individuals and business entities to save a portion of the annual income or earnings.

Significant investments allow the client to use the money to fund future goals. Guidance through the economic cycles is important for the client’s peace of mind. Funds must be protected against loss through unfavorable market conditions. While no one can anticipate every market downturn, good investment advisors maintain a balance between risk and income across the entire portfolio.