Offshore Risk Management (ORM) serves as an international insurance broker, offering a variety of coverages including Marine, Aviation, and Specialty Risk Insurance. With offices operatively dispersed around the globe, specifically across North America, the Virgin Islands, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, and the Pacific Rim, they offer their services to a vast international clientele. This suggests ORM's capacity to respond to clients' queries from diverse locations and engage in insurance dealings accordingly.

The services offered are structured in response to a spectrum of needs. For instance, personal, charter, and business/commercial marine insurance packages are available for those operating in the marine environment. This affirms ORM's drive to cater for different customer requirements in the marine industry. Moreover, they provide specialty risk Insurance which indicates their readiness to cover unique or unusual insurance needs.

In the aviation sector, ORM provides coverage that spans private and commercial objects, business flight schools/FBO, and hangar keepers, thus reflecting their comprehensive approach. It can be concluded from this that the firm's offerings are designed to cater to the complex and varied needs of their clients within the aviation industry.

Another unique factor about ORM is their skipper's choice liability insurance and charter and delivery captain liability insurance options, providing an inherent testimony to their understanding and acknowledgment of individual roles and responsibilities in the marine industry.

Notably, Offshore Risk Management also provides coverage for emergency expenses with their LifeLine Emergency Expense Reimbursement and YachtHaul Haul-Out Expense Reimbursement services. The availability of these services demonstrates ORM's commitment to account for unforeseen circumstances in their insurance packages.

Ultimately, Offshore Risk Management is an insurance broker that offers a diverse range of insurance options from marine to aviation, catering to clients globally. The firm employs experienced staff readily available to assist clients, which is indicative of their commitment to customer service.