Insurance web directory: 14 resources.

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    Ohio car insurance requirements and reviews of insurers to find the best and lowest rate possible. The analysis includes drivers up to 55-years old. Included is an Ohio agent directory.

  • Joseph D Walters
    Offer exclusive insurance programs designed to protect your business including pressure washing insurance, window cleaners insurance, as well as general business insurance solutions.

  • Mortgage Insurance Company Ireland
    Providers of mortgage protection insurance and have over 40 years of experience in the financial services sector.

  • Aetna International
    Specialize in providing award-winning international health insurance and healthcare support for expatriates and globally-mobile individuals.

  • AmWINS Transportation Underwriters
    This wholesale insurance brokerage specializes in the trucking and transportation industry. Since 1957, they have provided comprehensive insurance services to short and long-haul trucking operations.

  • Annuity Super Star
    Offers three marketing systems designed to triple commission levels, right-off the bat.

  • Cigna
    Specialise in providing expatriate health plans that are designed to give comprehensive overseas medical cover for people who are living and working abroad.

  • DC Insurance
    This company is unique in offering insurance to high-risk sport racing brands, aircraft and yacht coverage, as well as kidnap, ransom, and politically risked clients.

  • Everguard Insurance
    This site specializes in covering the insurance needs for bars, restaurants, commercial buildings, and the motel/hotel industry.

  • Great American
    We help businesses focus on their business by providing a wide variety of insurance products. Products range from specialty finance, to property transportation and specialty casualty.

    With services available in both the United States and Canada, this professional liability insurance company offers specific plans to the insurance technology community.

  • Marsh & McLennan Companies
    We provide advice and solutions in risk strategy and human capital. We are a global professional firm with colleagues in over 100 countries.

  • Medical Professional Liability Company
    Covering the healthcare spectrum, the company provides tailor-made coverage to healthcare professionals throughout the world.

  • Offshore Risk Management
    This site offers competitive insurance rates for water sports such as para-sailing, jet ski rentals, and kite boarding. Personal and business marine options are available.

Insurance Web Directory

Designed to mitigate loss, insurance is possible when a large number of policyholders pay an annual payment, called a premium, to one insurance provider. Probability of loss drives the cost of insurance for groups of policyholders with similar attributes. High risk participants will pay more since the potential payouts to those entities will cost more.

Insurance web directory

Various types of insurance protection are require legally or as part of a contract, such as a mortgage. A lender can require the borrower to carry sufficient insurance protection against loss to cover a building or other asset. Proof of insurance can be required as part of various contracts.

Sufficient insurance coverage is offset by the annual premiums that are paid for each type of insurance. Some potential insurance policyholders decide to save sufficient funds to cover potential losses in categories where insurance is optional.

A person, or business, is said to be “over insured” when the payout offered by the policy is insufficient to cover the loss or recoup the premiums paid. Balance is required to prevent insurance payments from becoming unmanageable during economic downturns.

Automobile insurance is required for all individuals and business entities. Lenders can require policyholders with auto loans to carry comprehensive and collision insurance to recover the cost of repairs or replacement of the vehicle. Buildings and homes are insured to mitigate the risk of loss from fire or storm damage.

Dozens of other forms of insurance are available to mitigate the risk of loss. Specialty insurance can be purchased for anything from collectible cars to a dancing professional’s legs.

Life insurance is a common form of insurance that provides significant payouts to sustain the lifestyle of the survivors. Businesses can purchase life insurance to reduce the impact realized when the business owner, or a principal, dies unexpectedly. Insurance proceeds would be used to fund the business transition plan.