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Business processes that are supported through a series of software programs, data repositories and trained people are called information services. Companies rely on the support provided through custom information systems to sell, administer and provide goods and services.

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Information Services

Decision makers rely on specialized reports provided from the various types of information that reside within various systems. Financial information indicates the rate at which cash enters and leaves the business, which is called cash flow. Inventory records indicate which products are available for sale. Adjustments are made to ordering practices based on the products purchased each week. Data is assembled into meaningful forms to provide valuable information to people.

Customers will receive invoices, letters or product information as requested from the information services. Large numbers of customers can be supported because of the software that is designed to provide various forms of communication. Requests from customers are processed quickly and efficiently with little need for human interaction.

Businesses rely on information services to support large numbers of transactions that were once performed by employees. Jobs have evolved into more challenging and rewarding tasks that involve computer use and communication with customers. Machines interact with information systems to perform dangerous tasks that used to be performed by manual labor in dangerous conditions.

Compliance with various legal requirements is possible because of the reports and forms generated through various information systems. Preparation of the forms is faster and more accurate because of the sustained efforts to manage the data throughout the course of the fiscal year. Review of the generated forms is necessary to ensure accuracy of the information. Issues can arise if corruption of the data is not detected early. These instances are rare because of the efforts of so many talented people who are in charge of the information services.


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