Performance Trust University is an educational institution focusing on strategic planning and balance sheet management programs for community financial institutions. This university stands as the education arm of Performance Trust, demonstrating its commitment to education as the cornerstone of its operations.

The university offers a variety of courses aimed towards gaining independence in the financial sector. These courses include principles of performance and an advanced course referred to as Your Path to Independence. These programs are tailored to equip students with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage and strategize for financial institutions.

Beyond education, Performance Trust extends its services to different sectors of the financial industry. These include balance sheet strategy, investment banking, institutional group capital markets, and bond accounting. They also offer asset liability management, enterprise risk management, and services to Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) Group. Each of these services lends itself to the financial management and investment banking sectors, demonstrating a broad range of areas within the industry.

Moreover, Performance Trust places a strong emphasis on its mission and values, as well as a strong leadership team. They assert that their mission is to lead the financial community by providing value through insight, strategy, and execution. These values are reflected in their various programs and services, as well as their emphasis on client insights and analytics.

Performance Trust also presents a dedicated space for 'News and Insights' where they offer news and commentary, media appearances, and press releases. This feature showcases their commitment to staying updated and informed on industry trends and news. Additionally, they issue new CDs, further extending their resources to their clients.

Lastly, Performance Trust is conveniently located at 500 W Madison St Suite 450, Chicago, Illinois 60661. They also offer varied login options for their students and clients, providing flexibility and convenience in accessing their services.

In conclusion, Performance Trust University positions itself as a comprehensive institution for those seeking to advance their skills and knowledge in the financial sector, whether through education or the use of their broad range of services. Their commitment to education, client insights, and up-to-date industry knowledge sets them apart as a noteworthy option for financial institutions and individuals in the financial industry. This institution blends education and practical services, making it a one-stop-shop for financial learning and resources.

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Performance Trust University
445 West Erie, Suite 211,
United States

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Phone: 3122558044