Perch Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) offers a unique opportunity for leveraged investing. The platform allows individuals to utilise the current wealth they hold in their homes to diversify their portfolio and grow their wealth. This service is particularly useful for investors seeking to leverage real estate as part of their wealth generation strategy.

Perch Capital's Mortgage Fund A is engineered to perform, allowing for a large portfolio of residential mortgage loans with minimal overhead. The corporation utilizes technology in their operations, enabling them to service these large portfolios efficiently. This efficient service delivery ensures that investors gain higher returns on their investment. It is noteworthy that their Mortgage Fund currently yields an impressive 9.38% in compounded net returns for their investors.

Perch Capital offers services for investors seeking robust growth while preserving their capital. An investment with Perch Capital typically begins with a strategic investment of $10,000 or more. Investors can expect to tap into an experienced team that is committed to maximizing the return on their investment. Evidence of the corporation's ability is reflected in the impressive yield they currently offer.

However, investment with Perch Capital doesn't come without a caution. Like all investments, mortgage investments are not guaranteed. Their returns may fluctuate and past performances might not necessarily be replicated in the future. Therefore, potential investors should carefully consider the level of risk that comes with this type of investing.

In a bid to protect investor's capital, Perch Capital implements a holistic risk management strategy. This strategy is designed to anticipate defaults on loans, rather than simply reacting when they occur. They ensure that both the property and borrowers are fully underwritten during a deal to limit loan losses to a minimum.

In conclusion, Perch Capital presents a modern approach to mortgage investing. Their minimal overhead, high returns and risk management strategy make them an attractive platform for individuals focused on income generation. Nonetheless, potential investors should be aware of the inherent risks associated with this type of investment.