Cashfloat is recognized as one of the leading direct lenders in the UK that offers a broad spectrum of loan services for individuals with varying credit scores. They offer online loans where borrowers can apply for amounts ranging between ₤300 to ₤2,500 at rates between 295.58% APR and a maximum APR of 1294%. The processing is simple and they ensure a secure borrowing experience.

Among the suite of products that Cashfloat offers, one of them is payday loans. Here, their Representative APR stands at 611.74%, with the APR ranging from a minimum of 295.58% to a maximum of 1294%. The tenure for these loans can be between 3 to 9 months, giving borrowers the flexibility to repay the amount based on their convenience. The company welcomes applicants with bad credit and does not charge any upfront fees. They have been functioning as a direct lender since 2014 and provide the option of early repayment at any time. One can apply for amounts varying from ₤300 to ₤1500 in this category.

To illustrate their loan repayment structure, they give the example of a ₤700 loan borrowed for 6 months. The initial monthly repayment stands at ₤168.45, followed by 4 monthly repayments of ₤224.60, concluding with the last monthly repayment of a given amount. This demonstrates a structured repayment plan that is upfront, thereby allowing the borrowers to plan their finances well in advance.

Cashfloat also provides additional resources like loan comparison on and financial assistance tool ( to help borrowers in making informed decisions and managing their finances better.

As a brand, Cashfloat stands out for their focus on customer convenience, transparency in their loan offerings, and the resources they provide to assist individuals navigate their financial journey. However, it's important to note that late repayment of loans can lead to serious financial implications. Hence, borrowers need to consider these factors and their ability to repay, before opting for loans.

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Western Circle Ltd.
2a Highfield Avenue ,
Greater London
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United Kingdom

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Phone: 020 3757 1933