Tax Returned Limited is an English company specialising in tax rebate claims. The company offers a range of services to those believing they have paid excess taxes. This includes claiming tax back on items such as uniforms, work travel, union fees, work equipment, and more. Taxpayers who have paid tax in the UK are eligible to claim a refund.

The process is outlined as being simple and easy. Customers complete an application in less than three minutes, sign their documents either electronically or physically, and then let the company handle the rest on their behalf. The company operates under a no-win-no-fee policy, whereby they only receive a fee if the customer receives a tax refund from HMRC.

Since its establishment in 2014, Tax Returned Limited has processed over 320,000 claims and has reclaimed over ₤11.5 million for taxpayers. The largest refund the company has secured for a customer is ₤8614.70.

The company has received strong customer feedback, earning a 9/10 rating from over 50,000 Trustpilot reviews. This highlights their strong customer satisfaction record while indicating a reliable and trusted service. They ensure that their privacy policy is updated and transparent for any potential client, maintaining their accessibility and understanding of users concerns.

Despite the customer's option to pursue a claim directly with HMRC with no cost, Tax Returned Limited presents itself as a hassle-free option with a proven success record. Therefore, it appears to be a dependable choice for individuals who believe they may be eligible for a tax refund and prefer a third-party service to handle their case.

Business address

Tax Returned Limited
35-37 Brent Street London ,
United Kingdom