CU Direct, now under the name Origence, is a company that offers a variety of services and solutions which are aimed at providing lending solutions for several major industries, such as financial, automotive, retail and medical. Their services have been centralised and unified under the common brand of Origence.

They offer an assortment of solutions for financial institutions, including indirect lending, consumer loan origination systems (LOS), marketing automation, auto shopping, advisory services, outsourced loan processing and identity solutions. Their services extend to dealerships with indirect auto financing, digital retail and automotive aftermarket resources.

The company positions itself as a leader in building the networks, platforms, and solutions that performance-driven lenders use to gain success across the lending landscape. It boasts partnerships with more than 1,100 financial institutions and collaborations with over 15,600 auto dealership partners.

In their operations, Origence has managed a significant portion of funded loans, with a total amount standing at $368 billion. Through their integrated and innovative technology and solutions, they have managed to create seamless connections that significantly impact the lives of borrowers by providing them with secure ways to obtain the necessary funds to achieve their intended goals.

The company's operations also include support system maintenance, further highlighting their commitment to ensure their clients receive uninterrupted service. They also have a round-the-clock client login service, labeled LIVE '24 Client Login, showing their dedication to providing constant accessibility and support.

Origence has built a solid reputation in the industry by focusing on ensuring connection and integration across the lending space, supporting lenders and dealerships to secure comfortable, effective and efficient means of operations. Over and above, the company provides various pathways for clients to connect with them such as through news, events, careers, leadership and shareholders options on their website. All in all, Origence seems to be an industry champion when it comes to providing technologically advanced and practical solutions for both lenders and borrowers.

Business address

CU Direct
2855 E. Guasti Road, Suite 500 , CA ,
United States

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Phone: 9094812300
Fax: 9094812300