For SWIFT transfers, as funds are received you will be able to see the balance received in your online account with us. You can issue payment instructions at your leisure. This essentially means that you can maintain an online account that reflects what we are keeping on your behalf in our local bank. All local payments will reflect in the account. We designed this to avoid diaspora clients being conned by friends and relatives, as has happened time and time again in Kenya . Payments are only made upon your instruction. If needed, we can do basic investigations of scenarios, to give our clients confidence that what is being paid for exists. Banks may provide the same purpose, but they rarely match our exchange rates, nor the speed of our customer service. For us, this is truly our bread and butter and we are keen to keep it going.


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Lion Trade Ltd
Woodvale Grove Avenue, Westlands Nairobi,

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Phone: +254 799 792 245