Retirement Investments is an online platform that guides individuals in making their financial decisions regarding various investment avenues. The platform serves as a comprehensive resource offering users a diverse range of top picks in several investment categories. These categories range from precious metals and crypto, real estate, to retirement and investing options along with multiple financial services.

In the precious metals category, Retirement Investments lists out the best Gold IRA companies and the best places for buying gold bars. For enthusiastic crypto investors, the platform provides suggestions on the best crypto IRA companies and exchanges. It also recommends the best crypto tax software, savings accounts, robo-advisors, wallets, and even the potentially best cryptocurrencies to invest in.

For those looking to diversify their portfolio into real estate, Retirement Investments has recommendations for the best real estate crowdfunding platforms and mortgage lenders. It also suggests platforms that facilitate farmland investing and firms offering top-rated home warranty services. The platform's mortgage refinance lenders can provide those needing to adjust their mortgage, some suitable options.

Retirement Investments also aids in retirement planning by proposing the best retirement plans and IRA accounts, as well as top-rated places to retire. For general investment options, the platform suggests the best online stock brokers, robo-advisors, investment apps, high-dividend stocks, micro-investing apps, fine wine investment companies, low-risk investments, peer-to-peer lending sites, and forex brokers.

The website additionally offers guidance on banking, recommending the best online checking accounts, rewards checking accounts, accounting software, high-yield savings accounts, money market accounts, and bank CD rates.

The platform expands its service range further by offering insurance recommendations. It includes the best life insurance companies, home insurance companies, renters insurance companies, medical exam-free life insurance, disability insurance companies, small business insurance companies, and even pet insurance companies.

Furthermore, Retirement Investments provides tax-related advice, listing the best tax software and payroll software. For day-to-day money management, the platform recommends the best money-making apps, automatic saving apps, survey sites, and loan providers for both personal and small business needs.

Retirement Investments also covers security measures individuals can undertake by suggesting the best identity theft services and antivirus software.

Overall, Retirement Investments is an extensive platform where individuals can review and evaluate a broad range of investment and financial options. However, it's important for users to conduct their research and financial assessments before making decisions. This platform is a great tool to aid your investment decisions but should be combined with personalized financial advice for the best outcome.