Agency of Credit Control, Inc. is a venerable and esteemed provider of billing and debt collection services in the Rocky Mountain region. With its extended experience stretching nearly 60 years in bad debt recovery and accounts receivable management, the company has an edge in the industry. The agency's exceptional provision of service is backed by adept staff and cutting-edge technology.

Among the services that Agency of Credit Control, Inc. offers are healthcare outsourcing, account recovery programs, and pre-collection billing. The diversified service is designed to meet the needs of different industries. This includes medical, dental, law firms, utility, retail, and property management sectors, thus serving an extensive scope of local, regional, and national clients.

One unique feature of Agency of Credit Control, Inc. is its utilization of industry leaders as part of their full-service debt collection company strategy. This means that they are backed by the experiences and expertise of leaders in the industry, contributing to the agency's esteemed reputation and efficient service.

The Agency of Credit Control, Inc. also provides an interactive and user-friendly platform. Clients are able to make payments easily, a service that is complemented by the customer service the agency offers. A client portal is provided to help guide clients and potential customers in navigating their services and programs.

Feedback for the company appears positive, showcasing clients' satisfaction with their services. Testimonials and awards feature prominently, adding credibility to their firm and its performance.

Additionally, the company is invested in its employees' career growth, offering career opportunities in the industry. They also stay relevant by regularly providing newsletters and updates to keep clients informed.

In conclusion, Agency of Credit Control, Inc. is an established billing and debt collection service provider that offers their considerable experience, diverse services, and superb client service to a wide range of industries. Their use of industry leaders and cutting-edge technology allows the company to stand out among others in the debt collection sector. With an easy-to-use client portal and positive testimonials, it's clear that customer satisfaction is a priority for the company.