CPE for CPAs web directory: 5 resources.

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  • Bisk Education
    Bisk Education offers multiple lines of CPE for CPAs, ranging from corporate accounting to tax accounting and everything in between.

  • Surgent CPE
    Surgent CPE as the premium provider of CPE for CPAs. Over 30 years experience providing top seminars, online webinars and on demand education for accounting and tax professionals.

  • CPA Exam Hub
    Offers reviews and information on the leading CPA review programs such as Surgent, Rogers, and more. If you need to know what CPA review course will work best for you, CPA Exam Hub has the information you need.

  • CPE World
    Offering online and traditional CPE programs, CPE World is a one-stop shop for CPA.

  • MasterCPE
    MasterCPE is accredited and available in most states. Their CPE program covers all the required credits for states the company is eligible to operate within. A full list of states is available on their website.

CPE for CPAs Web Directory

A CPE, or Continuing Professional Education, is a required certification of professionals that provide financial services. CPAs are required to keep up with the changing trends and new knowledge that springs up in the financial world. CPE for CPAs can be accessed through physical classes, webinars, or even self-study options. Many different training services are tailored to help CPAs earn their CPE certification even with their hectic work schedules.

CPE for CPAs web directory
CPE for CPAs

Because the majority of the working population relies heavily on professional accountants for financial advice and tax preparation, these professional accountants have to be regulated when it comes to their knowledge and competency for providing these services. CPA CPE courses need to come with lessons that will directly translate into their office work, rendering them more competent and knowledgeable so they can provide top quality service. The nature of the accounting industry dictates that it will always be changing. CPAs can keep up with these changes through their continuing education.

CPAs who need their CPE certification have a wide array of options when it comes to the courses they can take. CPAs can take advantage of this opportunities to expand their knowledge in not only their accounting proficiency but also in relevant fields that may not necessarily be their strong suit.

In the Financial industry, there are numerous opportunities to learn new knowledge. The CPE for CPAs can include taxation, accounting and auditing, estate planning, computer applications, business management, and ethics, among others. Financial professionals also have the opportunity to take their classes online. This accessibility to online classes helps financial professionals earn their CPE certification around their work schedule. Online classes are able to change and keep up with changing trends and knowledge more than classroom classes.

If you are a financial professional, research the kinds of courses that will benefit you in the office and that will allow you to provide your clients with the latest and technically accurate information. Satisfied clients will translate into a continuing successful business.