OSTTRA is a company that specializes in post-trade services. The business's offerings are categorized by asset class, capability, and solution. Notably, the company provides a wide array of asset classes including foreign exchange, credit derivatives, equity derivatives, cash equity, commodities, digital assets, and more. Additionally, OSTTRA offers solutions based on different capabilities such as connecting, mitigating, processing, reconciling, analyzing, and optimizing.

Regarding capabilities, OSTTRA's connect function facilitates the sending and receiving notifications between venues and counterparties for trade booking and processing. It also enables block and allocation-level trade details to be sent to Prime Brokers for processing. The mitigate function allows for real-time limit checking in OTC cleared trading, as well as facilitates the management of FX credit. This includes monitoring, rebalancing, kill switches, and documentation management.

The company's process function primarily focuses on automating trade processing, messaging, and matching tasks to confirm, allocate, clear, and report trades. It also affords the benefit of netting or aggregating trades to reduce processing and settlement volumes and associated costs. Cashflow affirmation, another service, involves sending, matching, and affirming cashflows to guarantee streamlined settlement processing.

An additional capability offered is the ability to reconcile portfolios on a multilateral basis with streamlined exception management. Furthermore, OSTTRA allows access to centralized XVA risk calculations across credit, debt, funding, margin, capital, and collateral with their analyse functionality. They also offer the capability to compute trade sensitivities with their initial margin analytics.

OSTTRA's leadership team, press, careers, and location information are also accessible from the company's website. Overall, OSTTRA serves as a comprehensive resource for post-trade services across different asset classes and capabilities. Their services aim to streamline and simplify the process of trade execution, monitoring, processing, and analysis. One must login to fully access these services, support is also available through a contact link on the website.