American AgCredit is a financial institution specializing in the agricultural industry. The company provides a variety of financing options for businesses in this sector, including real estate loans, operating loans and lines of credit, equipment financing, as well as agribusiness loans and capital markets. They also offer rural home loans specifically tailored to the needs of young, beginning and small farmers.

In addition to financing, American AgCredit provides their customers with a range of insurance services. These cover crop insurance, with an easy-to-use agent locator, and credit life insurance. The company appears to take its customers' well-being seriously, and as such, has a dedicated service for the management of all matters related to treasury and loan inquiries.

Another noteworthy feature of American AgCredit is its online and remote banking capabilities. The company has a recently updated online banking platform for easy and quick access to banking services. For those customers who was using the Legacy Online Banking platform, it has been deactivated and they can reach out to customer service for support. To further its commitment to serving its clients, American AgCredit also offers insights into the agricultural industry by providing industry news, outlooks, and customer stories.

The company maintains a transparent and professional operation. The website provides key company information, including details about the board of directors, senior leadership, and a history of cash patronage distribution. To demonstrate its social responsibility, American AgCredit has disclosed its community giving initiatives.

Lastly, the company provides a secure customer portal and offers measures to ensure the safety and security of its clients' information. For any technical issues or difficulties accessing services, the company provides easy access to customer service at their hotline number 800.800.4865.

Verdict: American AgCredit seems to be a comprehensive and resourceful financial institution, fully equipped to cater to the needs of the agricultural sector.