Huntington Bank, formerly known as TCF, provides a range of services to meet varying customer needs. They offer several avenues for customers to get help or have their questions addressed, such as chat functions and a comprehensive help section. However, their chat service is subject to availability and might be unavailable at certain times. Customer service remains accessible throughout the week with specific operating hours.

The bank's website is user-friendly, featuring clear navigation to all main content, such as banking options, personal, private bank, business, and commercial services. Moreover, they have a search function for added convenience. For new customers, they offer the ease of opening an account online which reduces the need for in-person visits.

In terms of banking services, they offer a wide range of checking accounts, each providing different benefits and operating structures. For instance, Huntington Perks Checking, Huntington Platinum Perks Checking, Huntington SmartInvest Checking, and Asterisk-Free Checking are amongst their offerings. These tailored products provide flexibility and options for different customer needs.

Aside from checking accounts, Huntington Bank also offers numerous savings and certificate of deposit options, such as the Huntington Relationship Money Market Account and the Huntington SmartInvest Money Market Account. These can help customers grow their wealth over time.

In relation to features, the bank provides a variety of useful tools to its customers. These include Overdraft Fee Relief, Early Pay, a Platinum Debit Card and Mobile Payments. The bank's 24-Hour Grace Overdraft feature offers customers a safety net in case of accidental overdrafts, while their $50 Safety Zone provides a cushion for customers should their account fall below the required balance.

In conclusion, Huntington Bank offers a variety of banking services that cater to different needs. The bank provides different methods of customer service, user-friendly website navigation, and a diverse range of banking products. However, their chat support being subject to availability can be a potential drawback for some customers.