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Banking services consist of various ways that banks help customers. These services are related to options available through the bank for customers who want to keep money in a financial institution. Options may vary among financial institutions but may include checking and savings accounts, wire transfers, purchasing foreign currency, investment accounts and loans.

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Banking Services

Checking and savings accounts are usually primary options that many banks use to attract customers. However, many banks offer a broad range of services to customers that go beyond the standard checking and savings accounts. Most banking services also include brokerage and retirement accounts. Typically, financial advisers employed by the bank assist customers with making investment decisions.

A certificate of deposit (CD) account is the most common type of investment product available through banks. A CD is similar to a savings account with one exception. Funds deposited into a standard savings account are usually available at any time for customers to withdraw. With a CD, customers cannot access funds for a minimum of six months after opening the account.

Banking services may also include credit card products. Any commercial bank can offer a credit card to consumers. National and regional banks often have cards for different groups of people such as sorority members, college alumni and members of professional associations.

Loans are another banking service provided as a convenience to customers. In many cases, customers can borrow money from the bank for education expenses, automobile purchases and home mortgages. Most profits for banks come from loans that help customers make large purchases. Additionally, banks may offer customers unsecured personal loans. Larger financial institutions might loan money to customers to purchase commodities and stocks.

Other banking services tend to vary based on the financial institution and geographic location. Such services may include online account management, bill paying, safety deposit boxes and money management.

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  • TpBank
    Provides commercial banking products and services in Vietnam. It offers retail banking products and services, such as current and savings accounts, loans, salary advances, mortgages, credit and debit cards and more.

  • Bank of America
    Has locations in several states. Offers services such as checking, savings, loans, credit cards, investing, and retirement plans.

  • Chase
    Chase offers credit card services, checking, savings, re-loadable cards, gift cards, lending, and much more.

  • Comercia
    Personal and small business banking, also wealth management and commercial services.

  • First Citizens Bank
    Services include personal and business loans, online banking, checking and savings, as well as insurance and investment banking.

  • PNC Bank
    Offers checking, savings, mortgages, loans, credit cards, retirement, and student services.

  • SunTrust Bank
    Offers banking services as well as loans and retirement planning.

  • TCF Bank
    Personal and small business banking,also commercial and leasing services.

  • Wells Fargo
    Includes services to small businesses, commercial accounts, personal loans, checking, online banking, and bill pay.